A few days before the wedding, someone I ran into told me that our wedding week would be the best few days of our life. I smiled and nodded but skeptically thought to myself: There’s no way her words would ring true. Deepesh and I have had our fair share of exciting and tumultuous moments both together and separately in life and while the wedding would perhaps be really enjoyable, we didn’t think it would end up being the “best”. We were so caught up in organizing the whole affair and our best hope at that point was that it should all go smoothly. Oh, what fun it turned out to be.

In retrospect, how could it possibly not be?! I was marrying my best friend and both our families and friends are the most loving, and happy people ever. However, even though you know that you love this person, there is always some small doubts in the back of your mind. For example, I read that the divorce rates are increasing, so that was something playing on my mind whilst we were planning the wedding. As that was concerning me a bit, one of my friends suggested that we considered contacting some los angeles divorce attorneys to try and arrange a prenuptial agreement to establish the rightful owner of each asset. The attorneys told us that quite a lot of people do this these days, so that made us feel a bit better. Hopefully, we won’t need to worry about divorcing though, because we’re really happy together, but you just never know! The whole week was a riot of laughter, music, dance and happiness and I wish I could relive those moments again and again. This time, with the people who didn’t make it to the wedding.

Hope you enjoyed the video Brim Company (our uber-talented photographers) put together with a few favorite moments from the different events.

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