May 2016

Some of my closest friends and I happened to be in Rome at the same time, for a day. We made no plans whatsoever and spent most of the day aimlessly strolling in the charming neighborhood of Trastevere, laughing uncontrollably, worrying only about what our next meal would be and if we would explode if we had at least one gelato every hour. The struggle was real.

We got off the plane perfectly in time for lunch and prosecco and made a beeline for the charming Pianostrada in Trastevere. The place is really tiny and it was packed tush to elbow all the way in. But that’s a good thing; we made friends with the super-fun Norwegian people sitting at the next table and they made sure we drank enough prosecco for all the time we already “lost” not drinking prosecco – aka 8 am- lunch time. The postage-stamp size restaurant is run by two mothers and their daughters and they whipped up was undoubtedly the BEST pasta of our lives.

We followed our “light” lunch with gelato and more food and more gelato.

We had SO much gelato that our many of our photos have a natural filter on them, what Smruthi fondly nick-named gelato-thumb filter 😉

For a short period of time when we were not stuffing our faces, we got kicked out of the Coliseum, but let’s never talk about why or how, ok?

Oh, what a crazy coincidence, Audrey Hepburn wore something similar in Roman Holiday. 😛

In the night, we bought hot and fresh marinara and eggplant suppli from Trapizzino, taxied our lazy asses to the Trevi fountain and dug into the fried balls of heaven on the steps in front of the magnificent fountain. Legend has it that if that if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the Trevi fountain’s emerald waters, the universe will ensure a return to the city.

I first visited Rome during Christmas two years ago and it is hard not to fall head over heels in love with a city as beautiful as Rome. The fountain was under renovation at that time and to keep the tradition going, a small basin was set up at the edge of the fountain, so coins could still be thrown. I felt rather idiotic throwing a coin into a measly cup and decided that I would return, even without the help of the universe.

This time, we didn’t wanna take any chances and threw coins into the fountain (we threw Indian rupees because we are cheap, that’s another thing we shall bring up again ok? :P)

After that, we spent two hours into the night searching for an open gelateria. You would think this would be an easy task in Rome of all places, but apparently most gelaterias close at midnight. *smh*

We finally discovered Frigidarium and took our well-earned gelatos to Piazza Navona and enjoyed them there.

Would you believe it if I told you we were the only ones there? No, you don’t ? :O

Oh well, there was indeed another couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other, but we obviously chose to pretend they didn’t exist.

There are few things in life in life that rival this experience. No silly, not the experience of ignoring random people in public places, but combing the cobblestone alleys of Rome for a gelateria at midnight until your legs almost give up, and actually stumbling upon gelateria heaven and slurping it all up in the company of your favorite people, in Piazza Navona. I pulled a butt muscle during the hunt and I am struggling with it even today but that gelato was so WORTH it, just like everything else that day 🙂

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