Photos to inspire you to visit Colombia

I have unsuccessfully tried to crash three honeymoons (technically two couples invited me; one of the couples never did go on a honeymoon 🙁 and the other one changed their mind about me tagging along) and my friend’s friend’s 40th week-long birthday celebrations on a beach in Colombia. Shockingly, that friend’s friend who I had never met didn’t want to spend her birthday with me (BOO!) but I decided to go to Colombia anyway. BEST DECISION EVER.

My best friend and I spent a couple of weeks crisscrossing this amazing country and I can vouch that magical realism is indeed real. Colombia, once infamous with drug cartels, slavery, crime, and corruption, has made a massive comeback and it’s reinventing itself every day. Picture this -> ancient ruins in the jungle, colorful colonial towns, Caribbean blue beaches, coffee farms, verdant hill, delicious tropical fruits, pulsating reggae-ton and champete booming out of houses and tiendas around every corner everywhere, artists that make you fall in love with your curves, wilderness, sprawling metropolises, and last but not the least the wonderful people. The kindest and the friendliest kind of people. People with a zest for life. People who light up when they hear you have come all the way to experience their country. Resilient people. Defiant people. Happy people. Diverse people. People who leave a mark.

The best part is that while you experience all the amazing things that this country has to offer, your mere presence as a (sustainable and respectable) tourist boost its economy. Vacation and good-will at the same damn time, sign me up yeah? There’s genuinely something for everyone. If you like camping then take a look on where they talk about Colombia and what camping gear you’ll need to take with you. If you like sunbathing all day then there are plenty of resorts you can relax in. There are lots of exotic cities you can go for adventures in. The possibilities are endless. I can give you 99 more reasons why you should travel to Colombia but I’ll zip it and let the photos inspire you to visit Colombia 🙂

If you still are not convinced to visit Colombia, this is my only response.

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Have you been to Colombia? What was your favorite part?