January 2016

After surviving a night at the “3-star” Ramada hotel in downtown Denver (where we found a note with “Help me” and stripper magnets on the lamps), we hit the road early morning on Sunday, towards Moab, Utah. We drove alongside a nearly frozen Colorado river; past many precariously-perched ski resorts and herds of healthy fat black cows grazing in the wild. (Which I could not get enough of, my friends will testify haha) The wide roads were flanked by massive mountains on either side and dusted with a perfect blanket of white snow. Words/photos cannot describe how beautiful the landscape is but I’ll attempt to show you nonetheless.





I hope that these postcards will motivate you to plan a/another trip to Colorado in winter. When you do, just make sure to:

  1. Avoid Hotel Ramada downtown at all costs.
  2. Have breakfast at the cutest breakfast place, Olive and Finch. I have a special place in my heart for dishes that are served in a hot pan and their dish Sonoma bolstered my love.
  3. Nom-nom the super spicy Ring of Fire burger at 5280 Burgers at Denver 😉 Its name derives from the city’s elevation of 5,280 feet ( or 1 mile) above sea level. Vegetarians and vegans rejoice, they serve a quinoa alternative.