Allahabad’s Khusro Bagh, the Taj Mahal you never heard of In the heart of Allahabad, forgotten in the sands of time, lies a stunning Mughal monument called Khusro Bagh meaning “the gardens of Khusro”. People around the world have heard of Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal emperor and the commissioner of the Taj Mahal. In contrast, very few have heard of Khusro, his half-brother and the original heir to the Mughal throne. Even fewer have visited Khusro Bagh. If the rebellious (and just?) Khusro had been successful in his attempts to overthrow his father, Shah Jahan might not have become an emperor and there would have been no Taj Mahal. Before you paint Khusro in a bad light, it’s important to understand his tragic life. I present to you, a Mughal Game of Thrones if you will.Allahabad’s Khusro bagh the Taj Mahal you never heard of The tragic life of…Continue Reading