Amazing wall murals with dragons, Chinatown, Gems of San Francisco, USA -- // San Francisco Chinatown
Chinese immigrants arrive in Chinatown Since the time many Chinese immigrants arrived from the Pearl River Delta to the port town of San Francisco in the 1800s— the history of the city has been entwined with Chinatown, as it came to be town. A wave of Chinese prostitutes followed during the California Gold Rush and set up many Chinese sexual businesses in the early 1900s. This led to various clashes with the government and culminated in the overhaul of immigration policies. Around the 1960s, working-class Hong Kong Chinese descended in large numbers in the 1960s. Crippled by a lack of English skills, a majority of these settlers including the well-qualified ended up with low-paying jobs in restaurants and factories in and around Chinatown. Chinatown today Fast-forward to today, San Francisco’s Chinatown is home to a thriving community that continues to preserve its traditions, practices, languages, places of worship, and all…Continue Reading
Postcards from San Francisco This is possibly my fifth or sixth visit to San Francisco, I have stopped counting. I never grow tired of visiting this fast-paced city. Some of my best friends live here and no matter how many times I visit, there is always something to do and the energy and vibe of the city is infectious. Last time, I visited the city with my mom and we spent an afternoon with two alpacas at the Golden Gate Park. This time we discovered a nudist beach with a great view of the golden gate {We didn’t see any naked people, it’s too cold to shed layers let alone everything in SF}, dispensaries that sell marijuana legally {sort of like an Apple store for weed lol. Weed is legal to sell in SF today and it’s hard to imagine that people were locked away for decades for selling this…Continue Reading