Photos to inspire you to visit Colombia I have unsuccessfully tried to crash three honeymoons (technically two couples invited me; one of the couples never did go on a honeymoon ūüôĀ and the other one changed their mind about me tagging along) and my friend’s friend’s 40th week-long birthday celebrations on a beach in Colombia. Shockingly, that friend’s friend who I had never met didn’t want to spend her birthday with me (BOO!) but I decided to go to Colombia anyway. BEST DECISION EVER. My best friend and I spent a couple of weeks crisscrossing this amazing country and I can vouch that magical realism is indeed real. Colombia, once infamous with drug cartels, slavery, crime, and corruption, has made a massive comeback and it’s reinventing itself every day. Picture this -> ancient ruins in the jungle, colorful colonial towns, Caribbean blue beaches, coffee farms, verdant hill, delicious tropical fruits,…Continue Reading