My friend Teresa from Alliance Français in Atlanta famously quipped “I didn’t learn French at French class but sure did make wonderful friends”. As for me, I’m still struggling with French but I can confidently say that I made a few amazing friends. On my second day in Nice, I embarked the 9-am train from Nice to Villefranche to catch up with one such friend Lucinda. Lucinda spends a month at a French immersion school on the French Riviera almost every year and has nifty ideas for things-to-do up her sleeve. So when she told me that the Italian border was just a hop, skip, and a train ride away from Nice, I knew it would be a shame not to go. So a day trip to Ventimiglia, Italy it was. The baller that Lucinda is, swapped the train idea for an Uber so we could practice French with the…Continue Reading
Cathedrale Saint Reparté, Place Rosetti Early mornings in the old town of Nice || Travel to Cote D'azure, South of France
Early bird catches the freshly baked croissant 5:45 am: May 7, 2016 Quarter past dusk, I climbed down from the fourth floor of my building, stumbling in the darkness, to Rue Bonaparte. The sun was just coming out and the street was deserted. I had unintentionally chosen an awfully good neighborhood to stay in when I picked my Airbnb. Not only did Rue Bonaparte bristle with cheese shops, fresh markets, florists, stylish bistros, and restaurants during the day, it was also only a stone’s throw away from the historic old town. Since it was my first morning, I decided to make a beeline to the heart of the old Town, Place Rosetti. As I turned the corner into Place Garibaldi, I spotted a fruit vendor loading strawberries from cartons onto small baskets on the display shelf. I bid him “Bonjour” and entered the old Town. I weaved my way through…Continue Reading