Kramerbooks and Afterwords café Nestled in the heart of Dupont circle, Kramerbooks makes an excellent omelet alongside a side of your favorite book. Toki Underground As a vegetarian, it’s hard to come by a good vegetarian ramen. I thought Toki whipped up an excellent ramen bowl and I slurped up the delicious broth and the toothsome ramen noodles in the blink of an eye. Bonus: Delicious cocktails and a really cool interior. The walls and tables are draped with scenes and characters from Manga comics. Amsterdam Falafel I swear by Amsterdam Falafel and after when you eat here, you will too . Think fried, crunchy and fresh off the frier falafels and make your own pita with baba ghanoush, pickled turnips, verdant jalapeno sauce, and about twenty spicy, garlicky toppings. The flavors are really intense and cut right through the alcohol if *cough* *cough* you have been drinking. They are also…Continue Reading
In an (ongoing) attempt to become better netsec ninjas, Gree and I attended a technical conference in DC last week. The conf was about an open-source security engine called Suricata that Arbor Networks uses. Open-source loosely means free + full access to source code of the product. It’s crazy. All in all, it was a productive trip and I was very inspired and humbled to be in the presence of a bunch of good-hearted, passionate, and really smart people. We had a wine and dine event at the British Embassy the first night and it was really exciting too. The weather was cool and crisp and it seemed like all of the leaves were a little bit past peak fall, but DC was beautiful nonetheless. Kramerbooks and Café Even though it was a whirlwind of a work week, I managed to squeeze in a few walks along the National mall…Continue Reading