The crisp autumn days haven’t quite descended upon us in the south (of the US). I am desperately clinging on to every remaining moment and memory of summer; which began with a few glorious weeks in the south of France. I was not expecting to fall in love with Nice or the French Riveria, in fact, I almost decided not to go there for I presumed that the glitz and glamor might overshadow its charm and authenticity. I came to discover (after a lot of convincing to go by my friend Lucinda who spends a month in Villefranche every year) that it’s only a part of the picture. The French Riveria intertwines old-world charm and history with affluence and luxury like no other. It was everything I was scared of expecting and better, much better ­čÖé Traveling to France and Italy teaches me to slow down, savor the simple pleasures,…Continue Reading
Cloudy with a chance of lightning and bears I’m absolutely mindblown by the pristine wilderness, teeming wildlife and naturals wonders of the Wild West. We started our trip by exploring the majestic Grand Tetons and after having a picnic by the emerald-hued Jenni lake, we drove to Yellowstone and spent three wonderful days there. Possibly the world’s first national park, Yellowstone rests atop a dormant volcano. The volcano’s magma chamber is the source of its many erupting geysers, rainbow-hued hot springs, bubbling mud pots and many other geothermal wonders. You can find out more about Yellowstone by going to! It’s a breathtaking place to visit. Yellowstone is notorious for its fickle microclimate and Mother Nature kept playing tricks the whole time, bringing in a blanket of dark, brooding clouds to conceal the sun. After a few sprinkles of rain and hail, the clouds would part again and the sun…Continue Reading