When Bobby first floated the idea of an RV camping trip from Atlanta to the Atlantic coast in South Georgia, all of us except Raj shot it down.

We ended up going because Bobby was very enthusiastic about planning the whole gig and all of us wanted something low-key and inexpensive.

In retrospect, the trip was amazing and we felt pretty darn moronic for not wanting to go in the first place. I mean, what’s not to love about hanging out with a fun bunch of friends in an RV nonstop for three days?

Also, what’s more American than an RV camping/road trip during the 4th of July weekend?

Fireworks? We had that covered too 😀

That said, RV came with its own set of challenges. To begin with all of the RV consumer guides I read said that the RV is a huge beast and it’s not easy to navigate.

Something or another stopped working every other hour; the generator didn’t start, the toilet wouldn’t flush (gross!) and we spent two hours at 4 am the first night to figure out which circuit breaker had tripped. If we ever do this again all I can say is that we will be getting something like this quietest portable generator, as I don’t really want to go through all that again if I can help it.

We needed the power to blow our air mattresses up so we could sleep. But that’s all a part of the rustic-RV charm, as we liked to call it and overall it was a great experience (once we smoothed out the kinks ofc!) We will say it is in no way as comfy as our queen mattress we have at home but that’s ok because it’s all part of the fun! The not so fun part is paying the insurance for this beast! Especially when you only use it once in a while. Why not visit One Sure Insurance for specialist RV insurance!

We camped in a camping ground in Brunswick for three nights. Mainland Brunswick hugs the Atlantic Coast in South Georgia and it’s enveloped by four islands, called the Golden Isles. By day, we explored two of the Golden Isles – Jekyll island and St.Simon’s island when we’re not held hostage in the RV by a Euro-cup fanatic i.e 😛

We wandered around the historic districts in the cool shade of Spanish moss ivy adorning all the big oak trees and watched pink-hued sunsets, our toes sunken into the powdery sands of Atlantic Ocean beaches. Come night, we cooked, baked, partied, watched movies, burst firecrackers and indulged in all the good stuff. It was the perfect relaxing weekend escape, for those of us who weren’t driving the RV at least. 😛

Here are some photos from very own Famous Five go off in a caravan adventure 🙂

Signing off with a photo of Bobby’s kickass parallel parking skills. Would you travel in an RV?