Vienna wasn’t built in a day, but let’s attempt to see it in two.  Viennese history in a nutshell: 1st century: Part of the Roman Empire. 9th century: The Babenberg dynasty takes control of the Roman empire, i.e future Austria. 13th century: The Babenbergs disappear and the mighty Hapsburgs enter. 1521: The Empire moves the capital to Vienna 1683: The Turks invade for the 2nd time; Invasion is thwarted leading to the BIRTH OF CROISSANT and Viennese coffee. 1857: Emperor Franz Joseph (FJ) signs a decree to tear down the medieval roman walls, expand the city, and transform it into the modern and elegant city that it is today. Make way for the Ringstrasse. Austrians collaborate with the Hungarians to form the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 1916: FJ bites the dust, and so does the Austro-Hungarian empire. Peace out Hapsburgs! 1918: Vienna is annexed by Nazi Germany and later by Allied Powers after WWII.…Continue Reading