“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho This spring, I’m risking my job, waistline, and bank balance and moving to Paris for four weeks to follow my dreams. What started off as a fascination for the French language, culture and way of life has snowballed into an obsession over the years. There are/will be many regrets in life that I will have to live with, but not moving to Paris is something I can’t stomach. Ideally, I’d love to move for a year or more. But for the moment, four weeks will have to do. 😉 “Four weeks in Paris? What will you do? All by yourself, are you bat crazy? Won’t you get bored? Traveling solo in the city of love?” If I had a penny for every time I heard that. Well, I probably won’t be able to…Continue Reading
The amazing street art at Zagreb // Photos and stories from a week in Croatia // Memories from the Balkans // Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb
  After a ten hour-long bumpy bus ride from Milan, a grumpy Su and I landed in the Croatian capital at seven in the morning. We had spent three-quarters of the journey chatting away, and we finally managed to doze off just when the bus driver made a pit stop. The entire bus crowd, which had been sound asleep only a minute ago, roared awake and rushed into the supermarket. It was almost like a scene from “The walking dead.” One among these zombies was Su, who forced me to join this madness. I don’t know about you, but at 3 in the morning, I’d pick laziness and sleep over food and discomfort. We grabbed some croissants and banana-flavored yogurt (Yum!) before heading back and falling to disturbed sleep, simply to be interrupted once again. We fluttered our eyes open to find the bus driver solemnly ushering everyone outside and when we asked the driver what was going on, he muttered something in…Continue Reading