Positano, mediterranean Sea
Set on the Amalfi Coast, south of Rome, Positano is a small cliffside fishing village, abounding in mythical ties and magical allure and truly, honestly nothing short of picturesque. Pastel hued houses are precariously perched over jagged mountain bluffs, cascading down to the deep blue of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. It is an engineering marvel really, it makes you wonder how these houses were built and stacked in the first place and what keeps them from tumbling down. Coming in from the Amalfi Coast freeway, there is only a one one-way road that winds through the town, past fragrant lemon groves and orange trees, beautiful yellow, pink and white bleached houses with verandas and rooftops overflowing with startling vines of magenta bougainvillea. The houses were historically painted in such a colorful fashion so that the fisherman could pinpoint their houses from the seashore. I caught my first glimpse of Positano…Continue Reading